Developing History


  • November2014

    Leadman awarded the most beautiful Chinese rose enterprise
  • October2014

    Joint venture between Leadman and Enigma Diagnostics Ltd.
  • September2014

    Shareholding of Leadman in DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH
  • September2014

    Leadman BaseI BaseII building rent out
  • August2014

    IDS-iSYS achived CFDA License
  • August2014

    The president of Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co., Ltd. Mr. Guangqian Shen was awarded the Best Chairman of GEM.
  • August2014

    Leadman awarded the the most influential brand image enterprise
  • August2014

    Leadman awarded the enterprise with the most investment potential.
  • August2014

    Leadman awarded the the GEM Top 50 enterprise
  • January2014

    Leadman was selected by Forbes as the most potential top 100 listed company.


  • November2013

    Leadman III project successfully completed.
  • September2013

    Nobel chemistry prize winner — America Scripps Research Institute (The Scripps Research Institute) K. Barry Sharpless Professor, visiting leadman, academic visit.
  • September2013

    "Beijing City Committee of science and technology projects undertaken by Beijing Leadman biochemical Limited by Share Ltd of Beijing Key Laboratory of biochemical diagnostic reagent inspection technology 2012 ladder program — — latex enhanced immu
  • June2013

    The biologist Danluo Leadman professor of international visits, academic exchanges.
  • June2013

    Leadman and Chinese University Academy of Sciences College of life science, Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Microbiology of cooperation established "Biological Engineering Research University Academy of Sciences China students practice base".
  • May2013

    The company was awarded "2013— 2014 annual tax credit A-class enterprise" honorary title.
  • April2013

    Leadman won the district 2012 annual tax increase of 50 strong enterprises.
  • January2013

    Leadman nominated 2013 Forbes China potential enterprises list: listing Corporation 100 strong.
  • January2013

    Leadman's success in Zhongguancun "one million" project.


  • October2012

    Leadman became the "CCTV- China reported" gold medal strategy partner.
  • May 9th2012

    The company completed the business change (registered capital, paid in capital increased to 153600000 yuan and the type of company registration, renewal) and Beijing City Administration for Industry and Commerce of the "business license of enterprise
  • February 16th2012

    IPO and listing on the gem.


  • May2011

    In 2011 May by Beijing Key Laboratory of cognizance.
  • March 18th2011

    The company completed the business change (registered capital, paid in capital increased to 115200000 yuan) registration, and obtain the renewal of Beijing City Administration for Industry and Commerce of the "business license of enterprise legal pers


  • October2010

    In October 28, 2010, the III project foundation stone laying ceremony.


  • July2009

    The first general meeting of shareholders and officially changed to Beijing Leadman biochemical Limited by Share Ltd.


  • June2008

    Leadman reference laboratory through IFCC from international comparison.


  • October2006

    2006 October was named the 2006 annual China growing small and medium-sized enterprise 100.


  • October2005

    In 2005 October, economic and Technological Development Zone, the new factory foundation.


  • November2004

    2004 November through the YY/T 0287— 2003 medical special standard and ISO9001— 2000 quality management system certification.


  • October2002

    In 2002 October to set up R & D department, vigorously promote independent research and development.


  • January2000

    In 2000 the Ji'nan branch in January.


  • November1997

    In 1997 the company was formally established in November.