Training & Development

Career Development

Our working environment is so diversified that we encourage communications as well as creations. We encourage our employees to improve themselves and we help each one of them to plan their career life. We provide two development channels: One is management-related and the other one is technology-related. Each employee can choose their own development channel based on their own career targets in order to achieve “win-win” results between employee and the company. Leadman owns an excellent training system. We organize various kinds of training programs for our employee regularly. Our trainings cover different areas including basic knowledge and skill, profession quality, working tactics and managements. Based on the training system, we can reach both the targets of our employee and our company so as to accomplish the best match between our talented people and our company.

Performance Management

One of our company’s basic principle is to achieve our goals through legal ways. Leadman owns a performance management system based on target management. We combine personal targets with company’s targets tightly so as to encourage the common development of both our staff and company.