Brand and Culture
        A Promise for A Better Life

        Leadman has always been courageous to innovate, to overcome obstacles, because we have a tenative vision of our mission: To explore life science, to develop novel diagnostic technologies for early detection of vicious, nonreversible diseases to ensure the delivering of time-sensitive treatment, to contribute in a better public health landscape.

        Leadman's true and unlimited passion is to translate scientific developments into welfare of the general population.

        Leadman provides its customer with 360 degree services and amazing experiences. Well spread out service sites across the country are able to deliver quick response and action wherever, whenever needed.

        As a highly diversified biotech company, Leadman devotes all recourses to the development of revolutionary technologies in IVD, and will stop at no point on the path of exploring a better health for the general population.

        Leadman truly believes: a promise for a better life.