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2014 Annual Earnings Preannouncement of Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co. Ltd.


The company and all members of the board guarantee the preannouncement is free from any false information, misleading statement, and material omission and guarantee the truthfulness, accuracy, and integrity of the information of preannouncement.
1.Details of the preannouncement
Term: between January 1, 2014 to December 31, 2014.
Earnings forecast: increased performance in the same direction

Items This reporting period Previous reporting period
Net profit attribute to the shareholders of listed company Year-on-year increase:8%-20% Profit:110.072million
Profit:RMB 118.88million-132.09million
This forecast is only a preliminary estimate made by the Company’s financial department. The actual profit for the 2014 annual earnings will be announced in the 2014 annual report. Investors should be aware of the investment risks.
The above is for the attention of the shareholders.
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