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Runing, Bloomimg Leadman—2015 Meeting the Future LEADMAN 2015 Spring Festival Gala


28th January 2015, the Leadman 2015 spring festival gala “Runing, Bloomimg Leadman—2015 Meeting the Future” is held under ultimated expectation at Leadman III Mansion.
The gala started with the speech given by the president Mr. Shen Guangqian, and the general manager of Diasys Diagnostic Systems Shanghai Mr. Qian Zhenbin sent his new year greetings to all the people of Leadman through the speech.
People in Leadman prepared many great shows for the 2015 spring festival gala, including dancing, drama and singing. During the gala, Leadman awarded those did an excellent work in 2014 with a trophy, and awarded those who served Leadman for within and more than 10 years with great honor.
After the show ends, the dinner party starts. People toasts and blesses each other as one big family.We wish all the people who cares and supports Leadman have an successful 2015.