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Leadman Hold The First session of Worker Representative Congress


In order to safeguard the rights and interests of employee ownership and effectively perform the function Worker Representative Congress’s democratic supervision, Leadman hold The First session of Worker Representative Congress on 25/06/2015
There are three topics of the meeting:
1 The Worker Representative committee election
2 Elected committee chairman, vice chairman, secretary and members of the committee
3 Elected supervisor of Worker Representative Committee
There were 24 workers' representatives attended the meeting and they elected 9 committee members. They were: Feng juan, Wang Yongzhen, Liu Jian, Wang Yuanting, Yue Guowang, Yu fei, Jia Zanpeng, Yu Shuang, Zhang Haining.
And the 9 committee members elected Feng Juan served as committee chairman, Jia Zanpeng served as committee vice chairman,Yu Shuang served as committee secretary. Pang Nina, Zhang Siqi served as committee supervisor.
The Worker Representative Congress will encourage everybody exercise the policy-making power and keep the overall situation in mind, then develop the company fast and healthy.