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Leadman join hands with global diagnostic giant-DiaSys Diagnostic


 Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co.Ltd.,has purchased 70% of DiaSys Diagnostic Systems(Shanghai)Co.Ltd.,stakes,for purposes of riching the product line,enlarging market,strengthening brand impact,increasing profits,bringing in new energy,and realizing the strategic sustainable development.
DiaSys Diagnostic Systems are an owner-managed medium-sized medical technology company with locations in Europe, Asia and Latin America. DiaSys develop and manufacture tests and systems for the diagnostic laboratory and near-patient testing (POCT),whose worldwide reputation is excellent and customers in over 100 countries rely on our quality products.
DiaSys Diagnostic System(Shanghai )is acquisition of DiaSys Germany,covers fields of IVD product R&D,producing,sales,and trade.DiaSys Product is acquisition of DiaSys Germany,mainly focus in producing and distribution.DiaSys system and DiaSys Product Leadman attends to purchasing stakes from,is in the same industry of Leadman,but different in micro-segments.Afterwards the purchasing,Leadman will integrate biochemistry diagnostic product market,strengthen leading position in this market,become one of the companies who own the most comprehensive product categories.