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Leadman Held Investor Meeting


October 31th,2014,PM 02:30,Leadman held Investor Meeting to communicate with investors their concerning issues about company management,developing strategies,current assets, fund-raising plans,equity motivation,sustainable development.

Leadman Chairman Mr.Shen Guangqian,Vice Chairman&CEO Mr.Wang Yixing,Vice President Mr.Chenyudong,Board Secretary Mr.Niu Juhui,Assitant to Vice President for operations Mr.Ma Zhiyuan,and more than 60 guests from various circles attended the meeting.

Afer a summarizing report of 2014 investment by Mr.Niu,they demonstrated and explained about issues including the launch of self-developed instrument—CI1000, success in getting certificate for IDS instrument,cooperation with Enigma,and every question from guests.

Investors show highly recognition on asset-restructuring moves of Leadman,and expect Leadman not only to consolidate the leading position in biochemical diagnostic field,and also to seize more market share in immunodiagnosis and molecular diagnostic fields.