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“Leadman” and“Enigma”establishing joint venture—expanding into molecular diagnostic market


Molecular diagnostics has become an essential tool to individualized healthcare,with the development of various of technology.the global molecular diagnostics market which will be a sustainably developing market in future IVD market, is entering a period of rapid growth.

With purposes of entering market of molecular diagnostics rapidly,shortening the research period,perfecting business structure,riching product line, seizing the market opportunities,becoming one of the few diversified IVD companies who master fields of biochemical,immune.and molecular immunodiagnosis,Leadman is going to establish a joint venture with the British company,ENIGMA DIAGNOSTICS LIMITED ( Enigma).

Enigma is founed and registered at England and Wales in 2004.Enigma focusing in molecular diagnostic instruments,diagnostic products and other products, dedicating themselves in developing new products and commercializing programs,has mounts of products from own intellectual property and licensed intellectual property.

Leadman and Enigma is establishing a joint venture to cooperate in commercializing the Enjgma ML system,other diagnositic product lines,which will be tentatively named Engman Diagnostic(China)Co.,Ltd.Engman aspires to become a leading company of China mocular diagnostic-Poct market,and make Enigma ML system the supervisor standard of China molecular diagnostic-Poct market.