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High Technology Inspiring the Future--Leadman Group Invest on New Headquarter


12, Feb, 2011, Beijing----- Recently, Leadman Headquarter has officially laid its foundation. Mr. Shen Guangqian, Chairman and General Manager of Leadman Group, and other VIP guests from China Construction Third Engineering Bureau, Modul 16 Architects and Beijing Newera Architectural Co., gathered on in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area to jointly celebrate the foundation laying ceremony. 

Ground Breaking Ceremony

“New Leadman Headquarter will greatly increase the productivity of IVD reagents and biochemical raw materials in the future. A R&D center and a reference Lab will be established in accordance to high international standards in this headquarter.” Mr. Shen said, “The foundation of Leadman new Headquarter marked that after 14 years, Leadman has stepped into a new era; meanwhile, Leadman is heading steadily towards an advanced global company.” 

Mr. Shen Guangqian , Chairman and General Manager of Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co., Ltd.

The Leadman new Headquarter area is divided into three districts: production area, research area and service area. A 15m wide, 100m long and 40m tall transparent all-glass lobby connects the three areas together. The façade of headquarter develops from the traditional medical cabinet as well as the permutation and combination of DNA. The glass lobby develops from the two-helical structure of DNA. In addition, some other parts develop from medicine bottle and the traditional tools which are applied to smash the Chinese medicine. The design and construction of headquarter meets the requirement of environmental protection. Leadman may choose the solar energy panels to as the part of the roof and wall. These panels can convert the heat into the electricity while they can play a positive role in heat insulation and decrease energy consuming. 

Leadman Headquarter in effect drawing A

 Leadman Headquarter in effect drawing B

  “The construction of Leadman Headquarter is not only a landmark for leadman’s development, but also an important event in China’s biochemical industry.” said Mr. Li Quanli, Director General of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau (North Region)“ China Construction Third Engineering Bureau has always been supportive to the development of local enterprises. We guarantee a smooth and safe construction with our best team and equipments.”

Mr. Li Quanli, Director general of China Construction Third Engineering Bureau (North Region)

As one of the leading local IVD enterprises, Leadman has always put great emphasis on independent innovation for its development. Every year, Leadman puts 5% of its sales income into follow-up product development; expands pipelines to satisfy hospitals and patients with more and more high-quality products. Based on the 14 years efforts, Leadman has gained recognition and rewards from the government and industry authorities, including Certificate of Beijing High-tech Enterprise, Certificate of Beijing Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprise, Certificate of Technology R&D institution designated by  Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Certificate of Ten Most Promising Enterprises of IVD Industry 2009 by China Clinical and Laboratory Medicine Year Award, Certificate of Ten Outstanding Entrepreneurs of IVD Industry 2009 by China Clinical and Laboratory Medicine Year Award and etc.

Leadman Headquarter in effect drawing C

 “As one of the leading enterprises in biochemical industry, Leadman’s innovative spirit has been highly respected. Leadman’s new headquarter fully embodied its innovative spirit. ” Mr. Cong Xiaomi , The General Manager of Beijing Jinggong Jingjing-dafang Engineering Construction Supervision Co., said, “We will also try our best to supervise the construction, and make sure Leadman Headquarter an outstanding building.” 


Mr. Cong Xiaomi ,General Manager of Beijing Jinggong Jingjing-dafang Engineering Construction Supervision Co.,

Leadman is one of the most fast-developing IVD enterprises in China. It owns different product lines in clinical biochemistry, chemiluminescence immunodiagnostics, molecular diagnostics, and medical devices as well as diagnostic equipments. Leadman owns almost 100 different kinds of biochemistry reagents.  Leadman keeps its leading role in China IVD market and maintains more than 10% increase in 14 consecutive years.Up to now, Leadman has established 1 wholly-owned subsidiary and a nationwide angency network.

 “Leadman has been devoted to create value by innovation, growth and high profitability.” Ms Du Wei, the Vice General Manager of Beijing Leadman Biochemistry Co., Ltd. “The Leadman Headquarter is designed to be a multi-functional and comprehensive building, perfectly combining administration, R&D and production function. It will realize Leadman’s promise for innovation and development. The new facility will guarantee higher standards in R&D and the improvement of product quality. Meanwhile, it will support the global strategy of Leadman in the future.”